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Upcoming Auditions


FEBRUARY 6TH, 7TH, 8TH, 13TH, 14TH, 15TH, 20TH, 21ST, 22ND


Our overall goal for this show is to firstly, put on a great show for our community and second, to raise money for the Wilson Theatre to help continue all the wonderful things we get to do here.

Everyone in either the cast or crew is ALL on a volunteer basis. Giving of their time and talents for free to help better our community. Please be patient and respectful of all that are helping to bring this show to life. 

Thank you! 

Mamma Mia Team 

How do I Audition?

Please come to the Theatre during the TWO auditions days during the time frames listed. Please prepare a 90 second song to sing it can be ANYTHING that showcases your talents and your abilities. Fill out the audition form (front and back) with all the information and then come audition. 


Do I need to prepare anything else? 

No, we will teach you a short dance and have you read lines for us. All you need to have prepared in advance is your song. 

Audition Song Tips?

Please use a backing track (you can get them from YouTube for free) Please bring your backing track on a device that can BLUETOOTH for you to sing along to. You don't need to cut your music you can just stop or have it fade out after the 90 seconds or close too. 

Audition Forms?

We will have those ready for you to fill out at auditions, PLEASE make sure to fill out every box with all the information. This is vital information that can determine if you get a part or not. Example dates you would be unaviable.

What if I will be gone during a show date?

Sadly, we can't re-arrange the show dates so if you are unaviable for a show date this might not be the time to audition for a show. 

What do rehearsals look like?

Typically, rehearsals are during the week (Mon-Fri) from 7-9pm and Saturdays from 9-Noon. A schedule will be determined once a cast has been chosen. We expect ALL cast members to attend 80% of rehearsals. 

Age Limit to Audition?

For this show ALL leading roles must be 18 and older. However, we do invite anyone that is 16 and over to come and audition to be in the ensemble. 

Do I need to Dance?

The whole cast will be required to sing and dance for the entirety of the show. This is a high energy show with numerous dance numbers that everyone casted will need to be able to participate in. 

How do I find out if I'm casted?

The cast list will be posted on this website, please also follow all the Wilson Theatre social media pages for updates and more information. 

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