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Event Center and Other Spaces

The Wilson Theatre has aquired many different spaces over the years, and we are now proud to offer those various spaces to rent for your event. We have hosted a variety of different events, including wedding ceremonies and receptions, business conferences, book signings, art exhibits and more! Read about our different spaces below and contact us with any questions you have about how we can make the Wilson work for you and your event.


Event Center

The Event Center occupies the upstairs area of the theatre behind the balcony. Originally these spaces were apartments, but have been converted into an event center roughly the size of a basketball court. The area includes its own sound system, microphones, and dividers allowing the room to be divided into 3 sections. A kitchenette is included in this space as well.

Larry and Merry Duff

Conference Center

The conference center is the smallest of our rental spaces. This section of the building was once the Rupert Police Department offices, but is now used to facilitate birthday parties, baptismal celebrations, and smaller business conferences. This space includes its own sound system, as well as an entrance and restroom separate from the rest of the theatre.


Robert Orr


If your event requires more of a traditional audience and presenter feel, no problem! Our beautiful auditorium can be used for your event as well. The theatre seats roughly 400 audience members, and we have convenient presenter hookups for projections and audio right from the stage. 

Let's Chat!

If you have further questions, or you are ready to book your event today, let us know! You can send us a message over on our Contact Page, or give our Theatre Administrator, Kris Faux a call at (208) 436-2787

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