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Friday Night

(7:00 pm) 


Song -Ashlyn Carlquist "My Strongest Suit"

Speaker- Dani Slaugh "Style By Dani"

Song- Ashlyn Carlquist "Red High Heels"


Saturday Day

9:00 am- Aria Spear,  Self Defence Class (Bonus Class)

10:00 am- Nikki Worthington (Welcome)

10:10 am- Tyce Jones & Blakely Garner (Dance)

10:15 am- Alicia Banta (Emotion Release & Rest)

10:35 am- Aliina Gibby  & Katri Beck (The Swan, Violin & Ballet)

10:45 am- Terra Haynes (It Doesn't Have to Define You)

11:05 am- Break

11:20- Becky Hutchings (Simplify Your Kitchen Routine)

11:45 am-Lunch Break


1:00 pm- Welcome Back

 1:05 pm- Kim & Maddie Christensen (Song)

1:10 pm- Jodi Ashford (The Art of Makeup)

1:30 pm- Scott Stuart (Skin Care & Safety Idaho Skin Institute)

1:50 pm- JanaRae Christensen (Song)

1:55 pm-Bathroom Break

2:15 pm- Megan & Ella Reynolds (Song)

2:20 pm- Reed Cotten (Is Your House in Order, Robinson Cotten Law)

2:40 pm- Ashley Ludlow (Song)

2:45 pm- Megan Coltrin (Nutrition, Feed Your Body)

3:10 pm- Ashley Ludlow (Song) 

3:15 pm- Aria Spear (Self Confidence)

3:40 pm- Nikki Worthington & Jeff Gomez (At the Beginning)

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