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Everything Not Marked is Included in Adventure Ticket

 * Included in Ultimate Ticket can be added to Adventure Ticket

$ Add on not included in ticket price 



Convoy Ride

Superhero Archery

Infinity Stone Search

Superhero Training Obstacle Course

Bean Bag Toss

Strongman Hammer

Spin the Costume Prize Wheel

Spider Web

Superhero Arena*

Escape Room

Lunch in New York City

Green Screen Photography*

Superhero Souvenir Shop $

Superhero Temporary Tattoos $

Superhero Slushie Shop $



SHIELD Command Center

Dr. Strange Sanctum

Wakanda Throne Room

Memorial Wall

Guardians Corner

Asgard Throne Room

Superhero Action Figure Box



Media Timeline Wall

Arkham Asylum

Titans Tower

Fortress of Solitude

JLA Watchtower


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