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Little Miss Christmas City Pageant
November 4, 2022
Mistress of Ceremonies: Mrs. Santa Claus (a.k.a. Melani McBride)
Opening Number: "Deck The Halls"
1. Bella Rose Lara - Vocal
2. Natalya Case - Dance
3. Hannah Paulsen - Cello
4. Arrabella Bargeron -Singing
5. Esme Ingram - Folding snowflakes
6. Maxine Armstrong - Dance
7. Destiny Turner - Piano
8. Megan Bingham - Singing
9. Bristol Condie - Violin
10. Siri Mickelsen - Gymnastics
Poise & On-stage Oral Presentation
While-You-Wait Entertainment - Little Miss Christmas City Court 2021
1. Talia Smith - Piano
2. Lainey Condie - Sing
3. Aria Garner - Piano
4. Estella Perkins - Dance
Awards Presentation:
Miss Holly - 3rd runner up
Miss Mistletoe - 2nd runner up
Miss Candy Cane - 1st runner up
Little Miss Christmas City

Girls are judged on:
1. Opening Number - 15%
2. Talent - 25%
3. Poster - 10%
4. On-Stage Speaking Presentation - 25%
5. Poise - 25%

Judges:Lucas Handy,Colleen Wood,Ann B. Lewis,Melanie Parrish Anderson,Jessica Cook

Tabulator: Paizley Wright
Director: Lori Bair
Judges Chairman: Amy Young


Opening Number Directors: Micaelena and Estella Perkins
Sound/Lighting: Stetzon Blacker
Stage Help: Jeri Bullock, Darla Burtenshaw, Micaelena Perkins, Jeana Garner
Wilson Theater: Kris Faux
Flowers: Kris Faux and Paizley Wright
Stage Decoration: Lori Bair, Sarah Condie, Amanda Larson, Angela Smith, 
Girl’s posters and essays are on display in the foyer
Special thanks for contestant’s back-stage helpers
Huge thank you to Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus 
Sponsored by the city of Rupert and the Wilson Theater

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